Ferrous Metals

Ferrous scrap metals are waste materials coming from the manufacturing and processing inustries of metals and metal objects that are at the end of their life and scrapped. They also result from deconstruction or dismantling activities.



There are different types of ferrous metals:

  • Massive industrial scrap metal (E3),


  • Heavy Industrial Demolition scrap metal (DI) ,

  • Collected scrap metals (E1),

  • New metal offcuts (E8),

  • Turnings (E5M),

  • White goods – old plates (E40),

  • Old ordinary cast irons.

The processing of these materials requires robust and modern machinery to create secondary raw materials (SRMs) at the heart of the circular economy.

For this type of material, we recommend several types of equipment:

  • Presses-cisailles REFLEX, S-Wing et LIDEX, la LIDEX et la S-Wing étant particulièrement recommandées pour le cisaillage des ferrailles massives (HMS 1&2, E3, DI),
  • All our shears allow baling (ELV, E1),

  • Les aplatisseurs mobiles sont particulièrement adaptés pour la mise en paquets de VHU et de ferrailles légères situés sur différents points de collecte.

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