Car Balers & Loggers

COPEX car balers & loggers are particularly suitable for baling ELVs and light scrap metal.

The range of car balers & loggers developed by COPEX allows to meet the most varied contexts of use:

  • Two compression box sizes: 5000 mm or 6000 mm,
  • Diesel or electric drive,
  • Mobile or fixed version,
  • Operation in harsh environments (60°C ambient temperature, dust, etc.).

As with mobile scrap shear balers, the compression wings are designed in honeycomb from high yield strength steel. This is what gives this equipment excellent robustness and reliability.

Technical Feature

Static / MobileStatic / MobilePACTOR
Loading box5000 mm6000 mm6000 mm
Outer compacting wing325 t340 t340 t
Inner compacting wing300 t340 t340 t
Pusher120 t120 t155 t
Diesel engine250 hp250 hp340 hp
Dimensions of bales
Length800 mm800 mm800 mm
Height600 mm600 mm600 mm
Minimum length1700 mm800 mm800 mm
Hourly production20-40 bales/h20-40 bales/h30-50 bales/h


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