Scrap Metal Shears

COPEX, the privileged partner of recycling professionals and steelmakers, offers a complete range of side compression and wing shear presses to meet all operating requirements:

  • Shearing and/or baling to optimise transport costs,
  • Characteristics of the products processed: light scrap (E1) or mixed scrap, ELV, heavy and bulky products (E3/HMS), homogeneous or heterogeneous products,
  • Implantation with or without civil engineering,
  • COPEX declines its ranges in fixed, mobile on wheels or transportable versions with or without hydraulic legs,
  • Energy availability: Diesel or electric engine.

High production outputs, low operating costs and minimal downtime

The customer must be able to rely on his equipment. COPEX has developed solutions to maximize their availability rate. For example, a replacement of the cutting blades of a LIDEX will be done in perfect safety in a record time of less than two hours.

The right tool for recyclers and steelmakers


Our shear presses are designed for recycling professionals who need to prepare, reduce and densify scrap metal and metals from waste disposal sites, industrial plants or demolition sites.

The LIDEX shear press has been developed for intensive use by steelworkers in extreme conditions.

Fixed (S-Wing, LIDEX) or movable (REFLEX) version, with or without civil engineering, diesel or electric motor.

Want to know more ?

Innovative Machines LIDEX range of side compression shear presses is available in 800, 1000, 1300 and 1700 tons of cutting force. The LIDEX offers a unique feature for this category of machine: its fully automatic cycle, which includes both compacting and shearing operations. Combined with its high-performance hydraulics and the kinematics of the preload table, which allows scrap to be loaded in hidden time, the LIDEX is today the fastest machine on the market. The REFLEX range of shear presses with movable and displaceable flaps is available in 500, 650 and 900 tons of cutting force. The REFLEX is characterised by a unique feature for this category of machine: the extra-long shear guiding system inspired by our high-capacity fixed shear presses. Combined with its high-performance hydraulics and particularly efficient flap kinematics for maximum scrap wrapping, the REFLEX is a benchmark in the market for shears with movable and displaceable flaps. The S-Wing range of fixed flap shears is available in 650, 900 and 1000 tons of cutting force. Released form the constraints of transport, the S-Wing is characterised by a reinforced body and a shear inspired by side compression shear presses. With its high-performance hydraulics and flap kinematics for optimum scrap wrapping, the S-Wing is ideally suited for intensive use with light to medium-heavy scrap.