COPEX offers a very wide range of balers that can compact almost all types of waste and other solid materials.

The baling presses and balers developed by the company have a fully automatic operation and do not require any special civil engineering works for their installation.

COPEX offers high-performance and innovative compacting solutions to meet a wide variety of needs:

  • Multi-material PMM balers which compact into high density bales materials as diverse as residual housegold waste, common industrial waste (CIW), RDF, WEEE, paper, cardboard, plastics, bulky, light scrap, profiles, industrial scrap, textiles, wood … as well as vegetable fibres produced by the agricultural sector,

  • PCC and PCV balers for ferrous and non-ferrous metals for both reclaimers and industrial users,

  • PACK METAL balers for baling of metal packaging mainly intended for sorting centres,

  • Product separation balers used for the treatment of production scraps from the food industry,

  • High-capacity F2000 waste compactors for the multimodal transfer of household waste and OIW.

The dimensions and densities of the bales are perfectly adapted to allow users to reduce their transport, storage and handling costs and to prepare the material in an optimal way for recovery.

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A machine for every application

PMM baling presses are available in PMM500, PMM800, PMM1200 and PMM1600. The PMM is a versatile machine that can compact almost all compressible materials into homogeneous and high-density bales.

The PCC, PCV and PACK METAL balers are used for processing ferrous and non-ferrous metals. These machines are characterized by their high compaction performance and the quality of the bales, which are perfectly adapted to the demands of steel mills.

The F2000 high-capacity compactors are the ideal compaction solution for multimodal transfer of household waste (MSW) and ordinary industrial waste (OIW).

Finally, the car balers & loggers, which are available in several compression box lengths and electric or diesel drive, are particularly effective in baling vehicles and light scrap. They are characterised by the robust design of the compaction wings.