While the selective sorting of used textiles is working well today, thousands of tons of textiles are still buried every year. To this can be added mattresses and professional foams and textiles, which are also recyclable.

However, there are many ways of recycling them:

  •  Reuse,

  • Transformation into wiping cloths, especially for industries,

  • Fraying for a return to fibre (wool, silk and cotton textiles),

  • Mechanical recycling by crushing to make pellets,

  • Reinjection of textile materials in the manufacture of plastic materials (compounding),

  • Chemical treatment for the regeneration of synthetic or artificial fibres,

  • Energy recovery by incineration.

Compaction in the form of high-density bales makes it possible to efficiently manage the large flows and volumes generated by the recycling of textile waste, reducing logistics and storage costs.

For this type of material, we recommend our PMM balers.

PMM balers have the advantage of being versatile machines that can compact a wide variety of materials with a single tool.

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