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COPEX, 70 Years

"COPEX celebrated its 70th anniversary in 2018. A remarkable longevity that gives good reason to be proud. Against all odds our company has never ceased to manufacture its machines from A to Z, as a guarantee of quality. That is the reason why we continuously invest in research and development to adapt to technological developments and to the demands of our global market. Our DNA : the design and manufacture of hydraulic shears and presses that, through the action of extremely high forces, reduce the volumes of almost all solid materials with a single aim: value materials. Our credo is also to listen to our customers, to which I am very attached because they are our best partners in this wonderful adventure. In the future, the urgency of environmental issues and the increasing need to control the supply chain will encourage the emergence of new recycling channels and create new applications for our machines. COPEX will meet these new challenges which will make us grow. Our machines seduce our new customers and those who already use them are loyal to us. This is why our customers will always remain at the centre of our concerns...". Frédéric MALIN, CEO of COPEX

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RAGG’s LIDEX: a gem in a magnificent setting

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09 - 12 Nov

Metal Expo

We invite you to visit us at the upcoming Metal Expo in Moscow. Metal Expo is a major meeting place for steel producers and equipment manufacturers for the future development of the steel industry. To know more about METAL EXPO

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