Other Industries

For more than 70 years, COPEX has been the specialist in hydraulic equipment for the recycling industry of all types of solid waste.

Other industries are more and more often looking for compaction solutions to condition their products by reducing volumes.

The objective is :

  • The optimization of handling, transport and storage costs,

  • The possible valorization of compacted products.

Thus our ranges of machines can meet the needs of diversified sectors:

  • Automobile industry for the compacting of off-cuts,

  • Machine building industry for baling production offcuts and scraps,

  • Aeronautics industry for aircraft dismantling,

  • Paper industry for packaging SLIM paper plates,

  • Railway industry for the dismantling of TGV trains,

  • Waste water treatment plants for compacting screenings waste,

  • Nuclear industry for dismantling and treatment of operating waste.

For this type of applications we recommend the following machines:

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