Recycling of Waste and Sorting Centres

The extent of the materials to be processed by the recyclers, the sorting plants for separately collected household waste and OIW and the waste-to-energy plants.

This variety implies the installation of dedicated equipment.

  • The definition of the right equipment depends on the following criteria :
    • Technical issues,
    • Environental issues,
    • Operational criteria,
  • Type of waste,
  • Requirements of the users of the products obtained after waste treatment.

In all cases, operators are faced with major challenges such as :

  • Reducing volumes to optimise logistics and waste storage costs,

  • The requirement for clean and safe conditioning.

For this type of application we recommend several types of equipment:

  • Baling presses : PMM,

  • Balers for baling metal and/or aluminium packaging: PACK METAL

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