The wood industry represents both a real economic potential and a major environmental issue.

We usually distinguish two categories of wood waste that can be recycled:

  • Untreated wood (woodworking by-products, pallets…),

  • Weakly treated wood (panels, wood from furniture manufacture or demolition, logging residues, etc.).

These products, which come from manufacturing activities, forestry operations and waste disposal sites, can be recovered in two main ways:

  • Material and Organic recovery by reusing the waste in pallets after repair, or transformation into raw material that can be used in a multitude of applications (production of chipboard, paper pulp, mulch, animal litter….

  • Energy recovery by production of heat or electricity in collective boiler rooms as well as on industrial sites such as cement factories. This is known as wood energy.

Baling may be necessary to reduce the volume of this waste and minimise storage and transport costs to recovery sites.


For this type of equipment we recommend our PMM balers

PMM balers have the advantage of being versatile machines that can compact a wide variety of materials with a single tool.

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