The PACK METAL balers have been purpose-designed for the recycling and recovery of metal packaging from sorting centres and food industries.

They allow to compact the following packagings:

  • Empty or full cans,
  • Aerosols sprays,
  • Beverage cans,
  • And all similar products from selective collection or from the agri-food industries.

They are inspired of the COPEX balers used by scrap metal reclaimers/recyclers.

As a result, the bales produced are of very high density to meet the requirements of recycling professionals and steelmakers.

Key Advantages

The PACK METAL balers can be perfectly integrated in a sorting line or in a scrap processing line thanks to their fully automatic operation.

Moreover, the range of PACK METAL presses meets all operating requirements, for example with an availability rate > 98% or production capacities of up to 2,000 kg/h depending on the model.

Finally, perfectly integrated in an industrial environment, the PACK METAL balers offer a wide variety of complementary equipment that allows the automation of the installation:

  • Specific feed hoppers to adapt to the feeding means at site: loader with bucket, tipping bucket, grapple…
  • Feeding conveyors,
  • Sorting belt with overband magnetic separation,
  • Implantation on cradle or Ampliroll type chassis,
  • Frame extension,
  • Ramps or belts for evacuation of bales…

Technical Features

4030 / 7,5 kW
4030 / 11 kW
4030 / 22 kW
5030 / 30 kW
Bale section400 x 300 mm400 x 300 mm400 x 300 mm500 x 300 mm
Hydrauic drive7,5 kW11 kW22 kW30 kW
Production (steel)360 kg/h600 kg/h1100 kg/h2000 kg/h
Production (aluminium)125 kg/h210 kg/h380 kg/h690 kg/h


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