A first S-Wing 900 installed by COPEX in France

COPEX has just completed the commissioning of the first S-Wing shear with a cutting force of 900 tonnes at the SRTM recycling company in the south of Paris.



COPEX has developed its S-Wing range to meet a sustained demand for heavy shears with compression by wings. The new range is available in 650 tonnes, 900 tonnes and 1000 tonnes of cutting force, The S-Wing installed at SRTM has a cutting force of 900 tonnes for a cutting width of 900 mm and a compression box length of 7 m.

It can be said that this machine is a concentrate of all the know-how accumulated by COPEX over all these years.

Mr. Malin explains: “We are perfectly familiar with winged compression boxes thanks to our range of mobile shears. From the REFLEX, we have retained the kinematics of the extremely wrap-around wings, which enable us to reduce cycle times. »

However, the S-Wing is designed to process light to medium-heavy scrap metal under demanding operating conditions. This is why it is also very different from the REFLEX: It has a reinforced compression box, and optimum protection of the wings cylinders, while the longitudinal pusher is protected by an integral skirt.

For the shear head, COPEX has been largely inspired by the LIDEX as the S-Wing also has a long guide of its slide-block and simultaneous movements of the shear and the pusher, which allow to save 10 to 20% on cycle times.

Just like the shear presses with lateral compression, the S-Wing also has its own platform and specific tooling for changing the blades.

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