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Magazine n°8

The new S-Wing 1000 accompanies the development of the Recycleurs Bretons

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Magazine n°7

S-Wing 1000s on their way to Australia

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Boletín n°6

LIDEX : A Reference for Recycling Professionals…

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Boletín n°5

COPEX sets up in Germany…

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Boletín n°4

LIDEX1700 at OVERDIE: a spring-mounted machine…

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Boletín n°3

Copex factory: A wide variety of skills and know-hows…

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Boletín n°2

Hydraulic scrap shears with side compression LIDEX: A booming success…

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Boletín n°1

The Company «Recycleurs Bretons» chooses a REFLEX650 for ship dismantling…

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