ESEL: New business partner for COPEX in the UK

COPEX has just signed a representation agreement with ESEL (Express Service Engineering Ltd) for the marketing of its scrap shears, the technical service and the management of parts in the United-Kingdom.

Until now, geographical proximity has allowed COPEX to manage its customers directly. However, Britain’s exit from the EU has been a game-changer.

Mr. Malin explains: “With BREXIT, we felt the time was right to establish a local presence in the UK to ensure availability of technical support and fast parts deliveries.”

Dan Williams, Managing Director of ESEL says: “Our speciality is the maintenance, servicing and repair of equipment, especially heavy machinery. For this we have a workshop equipped with numerous machine tools, and a team of experienced technicians who can travel anywhere in the UK. With this organisation we can offer an efficient local service to COPEX’s customers and also have a great motivation to promote its machines whose high quality and reliability we recognise.”

Know more about ESEL : www.eseluk.com

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