Guyot Environnement take delivery of their 2000-tonne LIDEX at their Brest site

Guyot Environnement, as a key player in recycling and development of resources in the “Atlantic Arc”, have just taken delivery of their new LIDEX2000 at their site in Brittany (western France).

Founded in 1983, this independent, family-run company collect 400,000 tons of scrap metal every year. To pursue their development, they have chosen a LIDEX side compression shear, a model that has become part of the LEFORT range since the takeover of the historic manufacturer COPEX by the Belgian Group.

This giant boasts a cutting force of 2,000 tons, a large cutting width of 1,500 mm, a side compression box measuring 10 m x 2.60 m and an 8 x 110 kW hydraulic motor. With this extraordinary machine, the company will be able to reach production capacities of up to 110 tons/hour.

Guyot Environnement have become a loyal COPEX-customer: While operating a 900-tonne mobile shear purchased in 2023 they are preparing to take delivery of a second LIDEX of 1,300 tonnes, which will be delivered to Nantes in the coming weeks.

For some forty years, Guyot Environnement have been developing their activities with the aim of creating a genuine value chain and turning the waste they collect into a new material or the energy of tomorrow. With 18 sites in Brittany and Spain, and a total of 400 employees, the company launched a new activity in 2014, producing energy from non-recyclable local waste by converting it into RDF.

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