The future S-Wing 1000 shear of «Les Recycleurs Bretons» passes the tests with success

The heavy-duty S-Wing shear press purchased by the Breton company specializing in the recovery and recycling of a wide variety of waste materials, has just been teste at the Copex factory.

The machine, which will be operated in the port of Brest from the beginning of 2023, has a cutting force of 1,000 tons, a 7.5 m compression box and a powerful 400 HP diesel engine.

With a fully automatic lubrication system, the machine has remarkable compression forces, especially due to the big overrun of the two press wings. Equipped with a rail breaker on a heavy-duty shear frame, it also has a reinforced compression box and fully protected cylinders, making it suitable for intensive use with demanding scrap metal.

With this new investment, Les Recycleurs Bretons have no less than three Copex machines: an 800-tonne LIDEX, a lighter 650-tonne REFLEX and soon this big S-Wing shear.

To know more about Les Recycleurs Bretons : https://www.recycleurs-bretons.fr

Date : 25 November 2022

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