Paprec mise sur Copex pour poursuivre sa stratégie de développement

The Paprec group now has two new high-capacity Lidex scrap shears, with cutting forces of 1,000 and 1,300 tonnes respectively.

In its search for excellence and innovation, Paprec has opted for the Lidex model of lateral compression shear press, which has the unique advantage of having a complete automatic cycle, and offers a high speed of work.

The new 1,000-tonne machine installed in Oise has an 8-metre-long box, a cutting width of 800 mm and 4×110 kW hydraulics.

At the Saint-Herblain site in the Pays de la Loire region, Copex technicians are currently fine-tuning an even larger shear with a cutting force of 1,300 tonnes, a cutting width of 1,000 mm, an 8-metre box and 5×110 kW.

Through acquisitions, another 1,300 tonnes Lidex at Echalier in Auvergne and another 1,000 tonnes Lidex at Ets Desplat, two companies that have now joined the Paprec group, have also been added to the Paprec fleet of machines.

The machine designer and manufacturer Copex is proud to have been chosen to support the development of a group such as Paprec, one of the leaders in waste treatment in France. Having started its activities in the Paris area, the French recycler now has more than 280 sites throughout France and is present in 8 countries.

To know more about Paprec Group : https://www.paprec.com/en/

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