Copex strengthens its position in the USA!

Copex continues its development on the American continent with the creation of a subsidiary COPEX USA Inc. Terry Sturgell Sr. is the Vice President for sales North America.

Terry Sturgell Sr. is well known in the scrap recycling sector. He has already worked as a salesman for Copex machines in the first partnership established with an American company in early 2019. During this first stage Copex installed about ten machines, mainly REFLEX scrap shears and a large LIDEX side compression shear in Texas. Copex now wants to focus on promoting even more the heavy-duty LIDEX and S-WING machines, which meet demanding needs of the American market.

» I have been in the scrap metal industry since 1974, it has been more than 40 years. Over the course of my years in the business I have met some wonderful people. The business has always been very challenging. Most of the time it is a relationship type of business. People do business with people, increased by the fact that during my many years I formed long lasting relationships outside of business I mean, professional but also personal relationships,» Terry says.

Within the scope of his actions, Terry will be attending the upcoming Scrap Expo Event in Louisville Kentucky on September 13-14 where Copex will be exhibiting at booth #215.

Contact Terry Sturgell Snr. to fix an appointment: terry.sturgell@copex.com / mob: +1 772-579-6134.

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